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Energy Project Development

  1. Site finding/ site surveys

  2. Full project development process with main steps typically being:

    • Initial Feasibility Study

    • Detailed Feasibility including design/ tender/ contracting/ grid/ financials

    • Final Investment Decision

    • Raising of capital/ debt if necessary

  3. Project Management/ Implementation

  4. Renewable Energy Sector Intelligence

  5. Carrying out RCEF feasibility studies within the Community Energy sector


Commercial and Management Services

  1. Commercial & investment process incl. financial modelling/ deal structure/ negotiation/ investment proposals/ raising of capital via private or community models/ grants

  2. Strategy development, market analysis and opportunity assessment

  3. Business Planning and Board Reporting

  4. R&D management & technology appraisal

  5. Programme Management


If you have any enquiries about these services, or how they can be best used for you, please contact us.

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